Greenmantle Estate Lodge


Genuine New Zealand Hospitality.

Greenmantle Estate is proudly New Zealand owned and operated by the Green Family who for three generations have shown their commitment to this country as New Zealanders by choice. At the same time the family continues to frequent various continents so each member brings to the lodge their fascination and respect for other cultures.

At least one of the family will be there to welcome each guest – making time for them to catch their breath with a drink and introductions as new relationships form…and then help them to settle into what becomes also “their” estate. Pre-dinner Prosecco with artisan canapés is when guests mingle and along with the hosts swap those travel memories, local must-see-places, and listen to each other about life in general.

Dinner is a social occasion that is unrushed, prepared with care and passion.  Compromises are avoided with authentic recipes and the best of ingredients.  Meal experience is served in classic fine dining style.  For those who want to be “gastronauts” it can be a gourmet journey or can be simply a memorable table d’hôte menu that was satisfying.

The hosts engage their passion for fine living, curiosity, science and culture. Urbane yes but also ready to “roll their sleeves up”, to make sure everything is to their standards as experienced travellers – essentially they care a lot personally. It is all about the relationship. Guests often comment that they feel transported into a different world and are reluctant to actually leave at the owner/hosts parting salutation of arrivederci and Haere rā.