Kapiti Marine Reserve: discovering sea life at its finest

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Kapiti Marine Reserve: discovering sea life at its finest

Kapiti Marine Reserve: discovering sea life at its finest

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It’s home to an abundance of sea life including (tropical) fish, seals and dolphins: Kapiti Marine Reserve, one of country’s biggest marine reserves. The organization looks back on 25 years of greatness and all reasons to visit.

Credits: Darryl Torckler, Kapiti Marine Reserve

For over 25 years Kapiti Marine Reserve has been protecting over 2200 hectares of marine environment. Why are these reserves of such great importance? We can now measure the health of unprotected marine spaces and aim for a greater abundance and diversity of marine life. Something the future generation will thank us for!

Credits:Darryl Torckler, Kapiti Marine Reserve

Rough start

From day one, May 7th 1992, Kapiti Marine Reserve faced many challenges. Even the establishment can be seen as a remarkable achievement: it took staff five years to establish Kapiti Marine Reserve, given the protest from multiple stakeholders.

Credits: Darryl Torckler, Kapiti Marine Reserve

However, when surveys showed the rapid and stunning return to abundance of previously exploited species, the stakeholders started to change their minds. With ten to twenty times more blue cod and butterfish, and twice as much crayfish and paua swimming around the ocean, Kapiti Marine Reserve proved it success and most of the opponents were convinced otherwise.

Credits: Darryl Torckler, Kapiti Marine Reserve

Now 25 years later, 44 marine reserves are settled around the coastline. From tourists to school groups and families: everyone gets to see a glimpse of what our pristine marine environment was once like.


Discovering the sea life

We highly advise you to discover the diverse sea life of the marine reserve. So what are the options?

The reef extends to 25 metres and divers can even pass through the underwater Hole-in-the-Wall, while encountering gorgeous blue moki, kingfish, various rays, dolphins and whales. With a bit of luck, you might even be floating along side subtropical fish and sharks. Not a big fan of diving? No worries: there is the option to go snorkling, boating, kayaking and canoeing as well.

Credits: Darryl Torckler, Kapiti Marine ReserveCredits: Kapiti Marine Reserve

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